A bride and groom sharing a romantic kiss in a field of tall grass

In a recent email we sent to our guests, we asked them to close their eyes for a moment, take a very deep breath and allow themselves to dream once again about their perfect wedding.  Many of them had already postponed once, twice, some of them three times.  The fatigue has been evident during fittings at Bella Sera.  Many of our brides have lost sight of their wedding day vision and are telling us they just want the wedding over with.

            This letter is our opening blog to the world as we begin the shift from a pandemic that stole so many moments from us.  Our intent in reaching you is just the same as it was when we asked our guests to pause and revisit their wedding details – the sights, the guests, the smells, the spoken words, the music, the tears and the laughter.  It’s time to dream again.  Along these lines, we are going to begin a series of social stories to help spark those visions and bring the wedding you’ve always dreamed of back to the forefront.

            We begin with an enchanted forest wedding theme.  Its essence entails magic, ethereal elements, sights and sounds filled with richness and texture.  After feeling trapped and discouraged, a walk in the woods just feels, well, natural.  We hope our words, images and insights inspire you, and look forward to a journey of enticing and educating you as you begin to dream once again.

Always with Love,

Lisa and Heidi

Owners, Bella Sera Bridal